Feb 2006 - Phoenix Arizona -13 year old runaway located with help of Click-and-Safe - Creata Media Photography was able to help a Phoenix area mother and the local police locate a 13 year old runaway girl with the help of the Click-and-Safe school photo taken earlier in the year. Phoenix police report the immediate ability to download the child's image for the Amber Alert system was instrumental in locating the child, safe, within 48 hours. Studio George Alper, said, "I'm really glad to know the school photo I took was able to provide this community service."

December 2005 - Over 100,000 parents "Opt-In" in 2005 with the free use of Click-and-Safe - Click-and-Safe founder, Eric Ellis states, "Our goal to help 2 million kids with ouyr free tool is well underway. We are linking school photography, the internet, and child safety in a way that has never been done before."

June 2005 - SimplePhoto makes Click-and-Safe program free for all SimplePhoto members and their clients: SimplePhoto launches Click-and-Safe as a "pro-bono" effort, offering it free to photographers and parents who "opt-in" to the program.

PMA / PSPA 2005 Orlando Feb 20-23 : SimplePhoto announces "ClickandSafe" program for school sports and group photographers: Eric J. Ellis SimplePhoto CEO announces "ClakandSafe." Intended for photographers that want to give parents an online, password protected photo of their child. The photo can be used to view and purchase, but also for the parent to use in case their child is missing or lost. Police may access a secure site to download a web version of the child's photo. The parent keeps the website and private password on a photoID card the photographer gives them. The parent (and nobody else) has the key on the photoID to online photo access.

PhotoLynx school photography software announces support for ClickandSafe: Tim McCain VP PhotoLynx, "We are always happy to support efforts that will enable child safety. We see ClickandSafe as a great example of how technology can be used in the right way for the right reasons."

Photolab owners offer ClickandSafe all their groups, school and sports photographers: This is a typical response from Photo-lab owners, "We see this program as a win-win for the photographer and their clients. Parents love the convenience factor of ordering and sharing their photos with SimplePhoto, but the security features of ClickandSafe is an outstanding plus." They add, "The people who hire photographers, school administrators for example, really get excited about the security features of ClickandSafe."